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Give your customers what they really want


Mobile Loyalty Rewards

First your CashOUT customer will make a purchase at your establishment to earn in-game tokens

Get paid for fun

Then your CashOUT customer can spend the tokens you gave them on ad-free games in the Arcade


The Reward

Finally, your CashOUT customer will get to do something that no other free game has ever let them do: CashOUT

Why should I join?

Loyalty reward programs are in need of an evolution. While the promise of an eventual discount is appreciated, most customers can't help but forget to use a program in a world with so much instant gratification.

By joining the CashOUT Arcade business network, you're giving your customers access to the first ad-free gaming platform that pays them for doing what they love to do: playing games and shopping with you.


  • Outsourcing your rewards program helps you focus on what you do best
  • You only pay the commission fee on sales we are part of (No monthly costs)
  • We never see your customers' payment information